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こんにちは。Hello, I'm Luna and I'm now a proud member of Amatsu Okiya. I'm very lucky to be here with you. I was a Shikomi from Hosoi Okiya but unfortunately my home doesn't exist anymore. I felt lost until I get to the beautiful land of Amatsu Shima. There I met Okaasan and Ame oneesan. Okaasan was very kind and invited me to stay. I've found a new home. I'm very happy. I'll do my very best to make all of you proud of seeing me as a Geisha in the future. I'm very pleased to meet you all. どうぞよろしくおねがいします。

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yokoso "Welcome!" to my little sister Luna san. I am delighted to say our new sister conducted herself with grace and modesty when visited by an honorable guest to our tea house. Shikomi Luna is a jewel in the making. Minarai Ame

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Ame Oneesan, your words fill me with encouragement. I'm very lucky to have a sister as dedicated as you to support me in the right path of the Geisha...thank you very much. ありがとうございます。

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